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About us

Weihui company is a multinational enterprise in 2005 in Shanghai was established, was established at the beginning is the processing antique stains. To launch business, thus the invention of modern metal antique decorative, and named "Weihui" world building professional designer specified by the selection of the first brand, "Weihui" in the world with 20 home agent, mainly distributed in South Korea, Germany and Italy.

Since its inception, WH Weihui has been through the improvement of the company's quality management, global management and personnel management concepts, and strive to create a new era of metal decoration industry.

Weihui "brand metal surface as antique decoration industry pioneer and the rise, main work hotel decoration, doors, internal and external construction materials to high-end metal decoration industry field, production wh (copper Antique Series), Susw (so antique series), Alw(aluminum Antique Series), wh (weathering steel Antique Series), products with superior anti-corrosion ability and unique decoration.

One, Cuw copper antique series

Products in the oxidation color of the material after separate grinding dotted with a variety of patterns, transparent coating and reveal excellent without Ze, has good resistance to embroidery.

Two, Susw stainless steel antique copper

Product is through vacuum coating, oxidation dyeing all texture, transparent coating exhibits all kinds of colour and lustre, than those before spraying products more environmentally friendly.

Three, Alw brigade antique series

Alw has a variety of colors and patterns of concave and convex, can be perfect to show the real metal texture, compared to the coating is more superior, to create a physical without Ze has a new product.

Four, Few weathering steel antique series

Products using the it and display the brightening membrane technology, form the effect of a diffuse optical 3D (three-dimensional body), through surface accurately printed on oxide pigments and surface texture of products of all kinds, high hardness, corrosion resistance superior performance.